Fifth Dimension - 5d

Fifth Dimension - 5d

5d was established in January 2013 by merging the expertise, resources, assets and customer base of 5 technology companies. The synergies among the companies allowed the new entity to form a truly unique one-stop-shop digital marketing and solutions agency, capable of servicing companies and brands in a new digital age.

In our first years, we were able to complete the merger and bring together the resources and know-how of the 5 companies to form a company able to compete effectively in a demanding business environment, and focused on a high growth industry.

Since launch in 2013, 5d has focused on larger brands/companies in the Egyptian market, targeting clients that are continuously increasing their digital spend and building digital footprint. While, regionally and internationally, 5d has implemented a variety of projects in KSA, UK, UAE, Denmark, US, Lebanon and others countries.

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28 Corniche El-Nile, Sama Towers 2B, 13th Floor, 
Maadi Corniche - Cairo, Egypt

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