Telemedicine, videoconferencing, and collaboration software

CloudVisit (CV) Telemedicine, Video Conferencing and Collaboration software is an innovation that uses the internet to bring people at distances together to collaborate. The CV platform was introduced to the market in 2013 as a telemedicine, telehealth software as a service (SaaS). It has since been customized for large enterprises and healthcare organizations. The ultimate-goal of CV is to unify people in medical and business environments who have historically been divided by distance. 

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CloudVisit shall be launching a customized version of its videoconferencing platform for Ericsson, the Swedish publically traded telecommunications company, in April 2017. The CloudVisit solution developed for Ericsson is called, "Remote Access." Remote Access is a virtual punch walk, which streamlines quality control and efficiency of mobile communication system equipment installations and upgrades. 

How does your innovation work?

CloudVisit Telemedicine, Video Conferencing and Collaboration software uses the public internet to transfer live streaming video between multiple end users. The users can log onto sessions either via a desktop computer or utilizing a mobile device such as a cell phone or tablet.

Videoconferences are scheduled on a calendar to ensure that all of the session participants meet at the correct time. CloudVisit users can either schedule an appointment in advance or staff can create a session on the fly.

Users can capture recordings of the video conference. This can be useful in multiple situations especially in a business environment. One such applied use is a virtual punch walk. In a virtual punch walk a host user on a desktop computer can review the work conducted on site by a participant and add place markers in the recording to highlight areas of the project that need improvement or that should be considered for later review. This reduces the necessity of travel to remote sites and ensures greater quality control overall.

In more technical terms the software is accessed over an internet based server. The video streams utilize Adobe Media Server to process the feeds via an RTMP protocol. CloudVisit’s front end is reached via a web server, and user’s information is stored in a secondary database server. All of the data is fully encrypted in transit and at rest on the server, making the software fully HIPAA compliant. This security is vital within a healthcare environment. 

CloudVisit utilizes MySQL to automatically store databases according to user-defined retention periods and point-in-time recovery. Business and medical enterprises benefit from the flexibility of being able to scale computer resources and/or storage capacity associated with relational databases via a single API call. In addition, CloudVisit can increase database availability and protect companies and medical practice’s data against unplanned outages, providing read-only replicas of the data, so they can scale up beyond the capacity of a single database deployment for heavy database workloads.

The databases can run on elastic block storage volumes for instances running a database. All database data and logs can be placed on elastic block volumes, which will remain available even if the database host fails. This configuration allows for a simple failover scenario, in which a new instance can be launched if a host fails, and the existing volumes can be attached to the new instance. The database can then pick up where it left off the last time it was running.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

CloudVisit began development of its online telemedicine, videoconferencing, and collaboration software in 2010. The software was officially released in 2013 and is being used by doctors and healthcare providers worldwide. 

Do you have current users or testers?

CloudVisit has more than 5,000 registered telemedicine users. As of 2016, CloudVisit has been working with Ericsson on an innovative and customized version of the platform for virtual punch-walks.  This new, “Remote Access” system has hundreds of Beta testers, working on field trials for a system rollout in April 2017.  

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Our strategy is to engage large-scale enterprises, healthcare institutions, and governments with customized software solutions to unify people who otherwise be divided by geographic boundaries. 

Next Steps

In anticipation of the success of CloudVisit's videoconferencing and collaboration solutions, along with the rollout of Ericsson's Remote Access, the company is hiring new personnel and aggressively expanding its marketing and business development efforts. Additionally, efforts to secure public and private financing are being pursued to continue to solve issues related to poverty, well-being, and innovations in industry and infrastructure.