Sphaera Solutions -- Platform-as-Service for Accelerating World-Positive Change

Sphaera accelerates the pace of world-positive change by co-creating the infrastructure that advances solutions from ideation to implementation at scale. Our Platform-as-Service makes the aggregation, collaboration, measurement, learning, and financing of solutions that address the Sustainable Development easy and effective, allowing our clients to create communities of practice that leverage and expand their networks and spheres of influence.

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About This Innovation

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Introduction to the "Resilience Exchange"

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The Rockefeller Foundation
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How does your innovation work?

Our offering is a configurable Platform-as-Service that allows clients to configure a solutions hub, or exchange, in a simple, quick and very cost-effective way. In essence, you could have created the Global Innovation Exchange using our product. 

Do you have current users or testers?

We have 1,500 users, plus over 400 additional contributors, who are sharing hundreds of solutions and thousands of component building blocks in 25 Solution Hubs.

What is your innovation's value proposition?

The value proposition is simple: natural aggregators of solutions, funding, and practitioners--whether development agencies, private and corporate foundations, or network organizations that serve a specific sector, can save money and create larger network effects by using our Platform-as-a-Service rather than building another standalone "exchange", best practices community, or other digital property that doesn't talk to anything else. By linking our respective "hubs" on a shared virutal backbone, and by linking our technology with that of other companies that facilitate innovation management, investment diligence, etc. we can co-create a pervasive, modular, open architecture infrastructure for moving innovations and capital for their implementation at global scale. 

Target results and impact

The target results from our platform is to make the workflows required for getting a solution from ideation to implementation more efficient and effective. The impacts are measurable in costs and time saved, impacts created on the ground, and the increased capital flow into scalable solutions.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Peer to peer platforms have demonstrable disrupted other industries that are riddled with information asymetries and other market failures. 

Provide a status update for your Innovation.

We finished 2016 with 18 enterprise customers, and over $400,000 in revenues. We have 1,000 unique users a month who spend an average of 5 minutes on the platform.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

We are currently selling technology strategy services in addition to our core product to early adopters in private and corporate philanthropy, sectoral network organizations, and large, multi-national NGOs.

Next Steps

We are growing the global infrastructure through sales of our Platform-as-a-Service to a growing number of enterprise clients. In addition, we are actively parterning with technology companies that build platforms like the Global Innovation Exchange to facilitate the movement of users and content through syndication, single-sign-on and APIs. 

How can Exchange Members help you?

Provide resources, best practices, tool kits, research, data, etcTest our innovation and provide feedbackAdvise on sales and customer acquisitionHelp us with distribution and supply chainsHelp connect us with the media

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