You should know that in Burkina Faso, the combustion of wood remains the primary means of cooking.
We had the idea to create a fuel from unused organic elements and develop a powerful and accessible family cooker.
• Design a high efficiency fireplace.
• A practical and versatile home
• Promote recycling (sustainable development)
• Designing substitutable for wood fuel
• Use of recycled components
• Simplicity of manufacture. The design should be accessible aus knowledge make local

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In its entirety, this home appears to meet éxigences. However, this project is far from being finalized. Many tests are yet to achieve. Indeed, they would highlight certain elements of improvements. In addition, issues of cost and development of this cooker are still under consideration

How does your innovation work?

a research phase was nécesssaire. We determine the different materials used. we know the skills of local manufacturers.
Then we moved to the manufacturing stage.
Finally, we have made tests to determine the components and the most appropriate and most effective proportions.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

We used materials found in our environment and are not valued. the cuisseur like those already used in families. the residues of agricultural products are also available. it is to show how to have a binder to make himself are block to burn

Do you have current users or testers?

We did some tests and cook with it and cooker block from agricultural residues. the cooking time is equivalent to cuisseur that are already on the market. the only difference is that other uses of wood and our tailings recovery of agricultural crops.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

For the expansion of our project, we want to launch a comprehensive training craftsmen project and households in Burkina Faso. manufacturing cuisser block and can also help to create jobs in rural areas. This will impact on the population of diet and health in general

Next Steps

Seeking funding to improve the cuisseur and block, develop audio-visual tools in different language of our country, spread everywhere. We wish to establish in Ouagadougou a manufacturing plant cuisseur from recycled object