The Padini

A Cloth Pad That's Creating Opportunities For Women & Girls! It is reusable, economical, comfortable, biodegradable, and convenient. It is the answer that allows girls to stay in school. 

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We have created a number of The Padini's and have provided some training. We need to secure funding so we can contract with a manufacturer to provide the material that becomes the Padini. We also need to secure funding so we can hire and train teachers so they can go from village to village with the Padini materials and teach others how to make the Padini and how to use the Padini.

How does your innovation work?

We provide the materials to make a reusable pad so all women and girls have what they need for their menstrual cycle.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

The Padini is being used by the women and girls we have trained.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Education and training. Also involving the men.

Next Steps

To secure funding to hire a manufacturer to provide the material for the reusuable pad (the Padini). And to secure funding to train and hire teachers to move from village to rural area to village to train others on the art of making the Padini.