OMOMI is a mhealth app, web and SMS service based on the WHO childhood survival strategies. The app helps mothers track immunisation, monitor growth and development, give breastfeeding tips, and help mothers manage diarrhoea at home. The female education is gamified to improve user’s health education knowledge. We have a mother’s community which provides a health and social platform. To effectively reach all mothers, the service is provided on a SMS service platform.

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Center for Health Market Innovations
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Our product, the ỌMỌMI mobile application combines innovation with the already existing infinite potential of mobile technology in Africa. ỌMỌMI is based on the WHO/UNICEF Childhood Survival Strategies has a unique range of features helps parents keep their children healthy by enabling them easily monitor their children's health. It ensures parents can remember their kids’ future vaccination dates with an immunization schedule tracker, easily monitor their growth, as well as provides vital health tips on breast feeding and guides mothers in steps on the home management of diarrhea(second leading cause of under-5 mortality globally). The app also has a food fortification section to help mothers prepare balanced meals containing all the essential nutrients for a growing child, hence tackling malnutrition. The family planning gives interesting and important information encouraging family planning. The recently added a  very interesting model for the female education section. By using gamification, we intend to improve parents and caregivers basic health knowledge in promoting child and maternal healthcare. Furthermore the app has a mothers community section which provides a safe and secure platform for mothers to interact, share and learn with other mothers and doctors.
In other to reach every mother, we recognize that not all mothers have access to smartphones. We therefore have extended and diversified the product by providing an SMS and currently working on Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) service. These services are still based on utilizing the essentials the WHO/UNICEF Childhood Survival Strategies. 

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The current users are pregnant women and mothers of children under-5. Also, young women whom are sexualy active have come to find the community very helpful

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SMS service has over 4000+ users since its full launch in August 2015 as we have been able to partner with multiple primary health centers in the state. This along with our monthly Medical Reachout Program (in Edo State) has given us an audience reach of over 15,0000 women since launch. These program are being supported by the US State Department via the US Consulate, Lagos. 
The app recently selected among 5 winners at the HIC Awards held in Lagos in October, 2015. PHN/HIC Awards

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Advisement from local innovation groupsHelp with the marketing and socialization of the ExchangeProvide resources, best practices, tool kits, research, data, etcConnect us with funding and resourcesTest our innovation and provide feedback

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