MAPS: 360 degrees integrated Monitoring platform for field implementation programmes

The platform MAPS seeks to optimize social programmes execution through monitoring of key indicators, tracking of co-responsibilities and transfer delivery, connected to national registry systems. Using NFC technology, mobile devices and an offline app, MAPS will collect and analyze key data for decision makers in an easy-to-use, data-protected, secure and consolidated way. The aim is to reduce information silos, paperwork and monitoring costs while improving data analysis and reporting.

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Provide a status update for your Innovation.

This project has successfully finished the proof of concept and is preparing to start the next stage on Jun 2017 impacting 3,437 beneficiaries. This effort will be coordinated with the Ministry of Health and the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency (STPP) in El Salvador, who support Government nutritional programmes and  are key stakeholders in the MAPS implementation. In addition, we are starting to evaluate the feasibility of the platform to work in a cash based transfer context.

How does your innovation work?

The innovation combines the NFC technology that enables off-line record of key programme indicators in a smartcard owned by the participant of a social programme, a fully-customizable smart-device to enable government officers to collect key data about the services provided to participants and a cloud platform that stores and summarizes data to generate insights for the desicion makers.
The platform was designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate to the many different government needs and to adapt itself to changes in programmes to achieve their objectives. The government institutions can modify the platform in a way that suits best to their needs. For this, the platform takes the innovative approach to leave the programme designers not only to decide about the key data  collected at each activity done by the participant but also to modify the way that this data is collected through HTML/Javascript templates that reside on the smart-devices, this feature opens almost infinite possibilities to generate any kind of data capture interface.
For example, in nutritional programmes the user interface modify itself to help the doctor to calculate the nutritional indicators from the data collected and stored in the card, if the participant then attends a training the interface modify itself to show the trainer the achievements of the participant.
The platform then updates all the data collected to the cloud where the decision makers can use the aggregated data to check if the programme is having the desired impact of if changes are needed. The individual tracking also helps to identify the participants that are not achieving the expected results so they can receive especial attention.
MAPS is a technological platform that enables and supports adaptive programming in any kind of social protection programme and allows both real-time tracking of the programme impact and individual tracking of the beneficiary to provide them with services or support better tailored to their needs.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

A successful proof of concept was executed. 149 beneficiaries to be monitored were registered in the platform using the developed app. Platform works as expected.

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Do you have current users or testers?

The platform was tested by doctors, nurses, field monitors and stores responsible.  100% of UX surveys provide positive feedback.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

In a short term, to be implemented in nutritional programmes implemented by WFP El Salvador. It assure platform be ready and available to be implemented by others WFP in the region in theirs nutritional programmes.
To work a pilot test with El Salvador government to implement this tool in a social protection programme, looking forward government buy-in to implement the platform at a country level in the middle-long term.
Once the platform reach its potential, it expects can be implemented in whichever programme that currently have costly and time consuming process or mechanisms to know programmes´ results and impact.

Next Steps

(1) Run the platform in real conditions in a pilot test with government. (2) Develop platform dashboard to show key indicators of programmes (2) Develop platform interphase and test its interaction with other platforms (WFP & El Salvador govt.) (3) Perform feasibility analysis about using the platform in cash based transfer.