IVEC (Infrastructure VEndor Connnect)

An online platform for listing vendors and certifying inputs against the benchmark set by the nation's standardization agencies.

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This is an innovation idea still in the concept formation stage.

How does your innovation work?

This innovation works by creating;
1. A registration portal for vendors and consumers.
2. A consumer ratings channel for satisfaction with service rendered by the vendors.

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Integrity code pin has been successfully used in the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria. There are existing vendor pool apps that are successful in Nigeria but none of these in the infrastructure industry and so we know it will work

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What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

A. Expansion 
1. Collaboration with state and non-state actors.
2. Advertorials.
3. Professional associations involved in the infrastructure development value chain.
4. Feedback mechanisms.

B.Infrastructure value chain.

C.We intend to build a strong database of infrastructure players in the country, with a reliable platform to check standard compliance. IVEC will include a platform for verifying standard compliance through short code USSD service. The long term goal of having a 60/40 balance of gender inclusion among the infrastructure vendors. 

Next Steps

The next step includes;
1. Application development.
2. Product registration to form a central pool for quality product.
3. Indexing of the quality products.
4. Creation of USSD short code service to test product in the market with the indexed pool of quality products.