Empowering organisations and individuals through Social Innovation using latest web and mobile technology to make a Social Impact for a Secure, Safer and Smarter Society. Platform is an end-to-end solution where content publishers provides relevant guides climatic condition, weather condition, emergencies and disaster. Reliable and up-to-date information to its customers (subscriber), will address this issue and will help individual to take appropriate.

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About This Innovation

Provide a status update for your Innovation.

We are currently carrying out our R &D(Reaserch and development especially in working closely with farming cooperative in the rift-valley in kenya .We are working very closely with farmers taking advantage of the farming season in Kenya.Also we are keenly working with the ensurance firm in the provision of incentivise insurance premium for farmers in an effort of providing weather index insurance information to Financial institutiion and the SME whom we want to link them with.This is one effoert in liberasing the insuarance firms offering this service from the research studies carried out by our team.

How does your innovation work?

Access to climate information for better decision to build productivity  e.g. farmers and businessmen or move away from dangerous fast moving weather like flood and lightening in Kenya
Platform is an end-to-end solution where content publishers provides relevant guides climatic condition ,weather condition, emergencies and disaster; meteorological agencies submit news feeds; concern citizens report events; locator on key establishments such as farming method; and provides analytics and statistics on every situation. Also by providing reliable and up-to-date information to its customers (subscriber).More so farmers through the exchange information to our organisation is rated to our weather information insurance index in the kind of insurance they have subcribed to and more so linking them to finacial institution and access to expert advice from researchers and agronomist and extension officer

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

My evidence has worked this can be attested by the farmers who have already subcribed to our service my considering technology of GIS and GPS of which our competiters have perfected the development of this application but that personal connection and serving the needs of the farmer is where we are execellent at human centered desigh by providing the insurance service and linking to financial insitution is our USP of which our competitors can't leverage

Do you have current users or testers?

Currently our users are rural farmers in rift-valley kenya of which we are working with 30 farmermers anticipating to have an additional of 10,000 famers by the end of the year

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

Is winning our clients confidence and trust and leveraging on our subcription rate through referrals,On the other hand we are looking at the farming co-operatives and capitalising on informal group with the referrals from our subcription.More so working closely with the ministry of agriculture and the meteorological department in kenya.Further more capitalising the media with this time using the radio which uses the local dialect which is accessible to them .Using the local insurance in provision of incentivised insurance using locality groupings and finally improving on our product.

Next Steps

Moving from one region to different region around the country,then progressing all the region in the  country after this building on our patnership and network to grow in different contries to act as the bridge in the link between farmer and the finacer in the world.The passion of raising the status of poor farmers in the world.Bearing in mind we offer climate and weather information we what to be a trusted patner to offer this information for food security and other climate risk in the world example the resent refugee crisis.