2nd generation biofuel cooking gel

We have a 2nd Generation technology that makes it economically feasible to convert waste-based biomass into cellulosic ethanol (Cooking Fuel) using a combination of thermal, chemical and biochemical techniques. We  use Water Hyacinth and Waste Sawdust as our main sources of feedstock which are both abundant environmental and Ocean-Way Wastes especially in Western Africa. Our business also creates livelihood for women, protect health and environment. 

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We produce a bio ethanol cooking gel made from water hyacinth, sawdust and other waste products (Which form Wastes and Threatens the EcoSystem before now) and Kike Green Cookstove, a Simple, yet affordable Cookstove. We have  has helped contribute to recycling waste materials, especially sawdust and water hyacinth. Sawdust heaps are considered waste and therefore are indiscriminately incinerated, making a significant contribution to the greenhouse gas emissions by accelerated technology and converting this to clean energy. Our Bio Conversion process do not rely on Food crop thereby help to increase food security.  This project is the first commercial enterprise in Africa to Produce Biofuel from Waste and delivers at cost parity with heavily subsidized kerosene Price. Since its establishment in 2011, SMEFUNDS GEB has sequestrated over 600Mtonnes of carbon dioxide emission, empowered over 22,000 women, created 154 direct jobs and Some 45,000 indirect jobs. In the past 4 years, SMEFUNDS has given opportunities to more than 50 women to be joined at different United Nations meeting from Bonn, German, Austria, Durban, Doha, United Kingdom, Addis Ababa, Abu Dhabi (World Future Energy Summit), Brussels, Denmark, Washington DC, New York, Mexico, Peru and many more countries around the world. These women have a special feature on the UN TV of the Climate Change Studio by RTCC.SMEFUNDS GEB is now looking to Expand our Bio refinery to exploit the growing demand we have encountered and generated.
GEB Cooking Technology will be a dominant Solution in building Low Carbon Economy, Green Growth and Deliver on Sustainable Development Goal for the low Income households in Africa.   

Currently, we are looking into expanding to meet the demand we have created by building a Bio-Refinery plant to produce 50 million litres of bioful pe ryear and reach 10 million households.

How does your innovation work?

Made from waste products, our cooking gel help provide solution to all hazards related to kerosene. There are no harmful particulate matters released like kerosene, non- pressurized and non-toxic gel makes explosions impossible. The biofuel gel will not burn ones skin, even if it comes into direct contact after cooking and does not splatter when in contact with water while cooking. With Nigeria alone having one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world, at over 3.3% per year and desperately poor families either buying expensive charcoal or kerosene or walk for miles seeking scarce firewood, we have helped in tackling these problems, making ethanol-cooking gel affordable, economical and cheaper than the price of Kerosene. The biofuel gels by-product is oxygen

Having operated in both renewable energy technology development and marketing in the past years, GEB also  allow customer-participatory organic growth integration, driving the adoption of new Clean Technologies through Innovation, Education/Training, Support Materials, and incentivizing our Green Entrepreneurs. 

What Evidence do you have that your Innovation works?

Through the operation of our two Bio Gel plants in Lagos, we have demonstrated that Biofuel Gel for Clean Cookstoves is Economically Viable, Sustainable and Scalable. This has been demonstrated through our Social Network of over 25,000 Green Entrepreneurs (Women Led Distribution SMEs), Distributed over 5,000,000 litres of bio-fuel and 500,000 cookstoves Sold in 4 years. A simple, yet affordable Cookstove that has received tons of Recognition and Awards with the exclusive mould and design of GEB and official acceptance from the Nigeria Patent registry, tested and certified by the Intertek Standards and the Standard organization of Nigeria (SON) ,a recipient of many awards, GEB is the first Company in Africa to join the the UNSE4ALL HIIO for Bio Energy in 2013. Shared lesson and experience as a panellist and speakers on various platform by FAO, AfDB, ECREEE and a standing council member GEF-NGO. Our work has been recognised with many awards including, 2012 Social Investment Pioneer Awards, Access To Renewable Energy Award May 2012, West Africa Forum for Clean Energy Financing (WAFCEF) Award,CTI-PFAN USAID,Oc. 2013, WJF Chuck Dell Prize for Sustainable Business 2014, GSBI Accelerator,Santa Clara University,August 2014, SPARK FUND,GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR CLEAN COOOKSTOVES 2014

Do you have current users or testers?

More than 500,000 households currently use our cookstoves right now. These includes families and businesses. 

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

GEB has been solely self-sustained, a profit making business, but is looking to upscale its production to meet the growing demand of our product. We use a vertically integrated business model, an open mentor-driven network marketing model for distributing the products to the last-mile users, this approach dramatically reduces costs in both manufacturing and distribution. By creatively using social marketing thereby economically empowering independent distributors, no other initiative has been more effective at lifting people out of poverty while concurrently fighting climate change. 

We Train ad communicate to our community in all the major languages in Nigeria, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Pidgin and English. We were able to train better and more women were now better informed. e.g Places where language was a barrier were now receiving us with joy because of better communication. We invest in DVD, Video CD, Audio books, Fliers, Posters etc All in different languages. We also have our product online www.greenmarkeafrica.com. Members and consumers can now place their order from the comfort of their homes. Also we deliver at their doorsteps. This initiative attracted more consumers with cost of transportation and stress of traffic to enjoy our service. 

With an estimated 84% of households lack access to quality cooking and lighting fuels, compelling families to depend wholly on inferior and health-damaging wood and kerosene fuel. More than 95,000 deaths also occur yearly as a result of indoor Air pollution in Nigeria.  Our new bio refinery plant, and having further smaller plants in diffrerent regions across Nigeria and Africa, we will be able to further meet demands and combat climate change. 

Next Steps

In the short term,GEB will pursue this through a three pronged strategy: Establishing a larger plant in Lagos to produce at economies of scale; Establish a national micro-refinery program that expands across Nigeria; and Vigorous pursue partnerships that will put GEB on the cutting edge of Cellulosic Ethanol Research and Development, Delivering Energy more affordably and Accessibly.